The healing Environment

You, a friend or loved one are faced with the need to go to the hospital. Can the type of room you choose for your self or your loved ones make a difference in how well a person heals?

Absolutely. If you feel better, you will heal better. If given the opportunity, for no extra cost, wouldn't you choose the best healing environment for you or your loved ones?

Absolutely. That is exactly what the new private rooms are delivering today. For no extra cost over a shared room, the new private rooms at Mercy Medical Center are delivering privacy, comfort for the patient and visitors, and advanced technology in support of Mercy's outstanding doctors, nurses and staff.

The new private rooms at Mercy Medical Center in Cedar Rapids are designed and built to aid patient healing while delivering comfort and safety for all involved in the healing process. That includes doctors, nurses, technicians, staff, specialists, family, friends and most importantly, the patient.

The rooms are true healing environments, Wall-to-Wall, floor to ceiling, bed to bath. Additionally, they provide a measure of comfort, privacy, confidentiality, the most advanced technology, and warmth not previously found in hospital environments.