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Q: I have no insurance of any kind and no job. I am in need of help. I want very badly to get off of drugs but I get too sick and end up doing them again. I was in a methadone clinic in Indiana and was clean and doing great and going down on my dose but I was forced to quit because no money to pay for it. That was 6 months ago and I just cannot stop due to it hurting so badly. Is there any place that can help with detox besides the rehab places that dont give anything to help the pain I feel. I dont know what to do anymore and I have never been this depressed or fed up before
melissa vancleave - harrison

A: You could check the free clinic if you are in Cedar Rapids. The number is 363-0416. I am not sure if they prescribe medication to taper you off a narcotic or not. You could ask about medication for depression as you mentioned. There are also places in town that offer counseling for substance abuse and mental health issues that work off a slinding fee scale such as ASAC or Horizons. I would encourage you to contact either of them. Don't give up!! It will get better.

If you have any questions or problems always see your healthcare provider.