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Q: Hi I'm writing a paper about underage alcohol abuse and couldnt find any answers to my questions so I figured I'd just go to the source. 1)When someone has their stomach pumped what part of the hospital are they put in?Mental Ward maybe? 2)What do you do with minors once they done having their stomach pumped?Arrested,fined,released? Thank You for your answers they are appreciated.
Evan - Cedar Falls

A: A patient may be given charcoal to drink at the hospital. If they do have thier stomach pumped, it depends on what they have ingested. Just because they had thier stomach pumped doesn't determine where they go from there; it is whatever they ingested that matters from there. Minors would go to the pediatric unit if they needed medical care. If they could be admitted to a psychiatric unit, they would be transfered to St. Lukes adolecent psych. unit.

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