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Q: I do not know if I am directing this question to the right department but here we go. I am a 38 year old obese woman (5'4, 245lbs). I am Type II diabetic. I also suffer from Chronic Acute Daily Migraine, depression, and PTSD. There is a chance I am pregnant. I went to the Community Health Free Clinic (CHFC) in Cedar Rapids, IA, and they sent me to Mercy to have blood drawn. They called today and told me the test was positive, then called me back ten minutes later and said it was a mistake, that my level was at a 5 and that means negative. My issue is that several of the websites I've looked at say that positive results are =>5 in early pregnancy. Should I have myself retested? When I saw the doctor yesterday my BP was really up, 168/98, and I've always had excellent BP's and cholesterol. I'm worried that if I am actually pregnant I could be having pre-eclampsia. I want to make sure, with all my health issues I would be very high risk. I just don't want any more chance for harm to my baby. I would really appreciate some advice and direction. Thank you.
Bobbi - Cedar Rapids

A: Dear Bobbi, I am going to redirect you to the ObGyn department. As a pediatrician, I am not as familiar with the criteria for positive pregnancy tests or when you would need to retest. It certainly does sound like you have a lot of health issues that you would want to have under good control before considering pregnancy. Sincerely, Sarah Wickenkamp

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