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At what age should I switch my toddler from Whole Milk to 2 percent?

Josh - Des Moines


My daughter used to get tonsillitis on a regular basis. Now she seems to have allergy symptoms in the spring and fall that can be tamed by her taking claritin. In the event she doesn't take her claritin and her allergies flare up, her tonsils also flare right up. Is this a normal thing for her tonsils to automatically swell every time she has any congestion?

Laura - Cedar Rapids


What is a septoplasty like for kids who have a perforated septum during pre- op and post- op

Madison - Marion


what is electro cautery? Why do people with iron defeichancy anemia bruise easer?

madison - marion


Respected sir, my sister whose age is 18 year old..she have problem of abdominal pain and continuously vomiting(minimum 10 time in day).and vomit color is green. In the CT scan it is diagnosed that she have problem of SMA we make operation of it by surgeon.. still she have same problem.after the operation of 2 month. She have this problem since 3 years and one another notices thing is she have this problem when she is in mensis so we cant have idea..plz give us guidence...

Nainesh - Surat, India