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Q: I have a roommate who has diabetes and it's getting worse. He was told to stay away from carbs and sugars. What is the best diet for him? I am concerned and want to put him and myself on a diet so he is not alone.
Josh - Hondo

A: First let me commend your decision to follow a diet similar to your roommate. This would be very supportive and may prove to be a healthful decision for both of you. Typically a diabetic meal plan would include counting carbohydrates, as these macronutrients are broken down into sugar, which in turn elevates blood glucose levels. A typical diabetic carbohydrate counting meal plan would consist of2000 calories, and include 75 grams of carbohydrates at breakfast, lunch and dinner. An additional 30 grams of carbohydrates would be allowed as an evening snack. All meal plans can be adjusted as needed based on individual calorie requirements. For more detailed information, you may be interested in researching the American Diabetes Association website at

If you have any questions or problems always see your healthcare provider.