Frequently Asked Questions

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I'm confused about the difference between sugar as contained in a candy bar and sugar that is contained in fruit. Why is the sugar in a candy bar worse for you. Thank you.

matt - Des Moines


I would like to find a diet after gall stone removal. I need to buy groceries ahead of time for my daughter-in-law who will be having this surgery next week.

Kathy Mass - Lisbon


Do they still have the program featuring ideal protein and does mercyCare in Center Point offer it? If so what is a ball park figure of cost? I work during the week and it is almost impossible to take time off from my job. How would they work around this>

Gladys - Alburnett


I don't drink a lot of milk or dairy. At what age should you increase your calcium supplements?

Debbie - Amana


I am a 68 year old who lost 45 pounds, and than became a vegan (for health reasons) last year. I still have about 15 pounds of belly fat to lose, and am having trouble getting it to "go away." My feet develop corns whenever I walk too much and too fast (I'm developing bunions). Can your team figure out what my optimal weight should be and help me get to it?

Robert - Center Point