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Q: What is the risk in delaying a biopsy on a cervical mass by 1-2 months? Mass is about 4 -5 cm. No previous abnormal pap but patient has been in pain, bleeding, etc for about 6 months. patient is extremely exhausted, losing hair, etc. After 2 months of run around, finally got in to see a Gyn Oncologist who is scheduling biopsy, but patient wants to delay for 2 more weeks. Trying to determine if we should push patient to take an earlier offered appointment.
Dee - San Ramon

A: Dear Dee, I would not delay her biospy or treatments. Cervical cancer can be aggresive, as a result, prompt diagnosis and treatment is very important. Given the fact that she is doing poorly with her symptoms, the faster she receives care, the better off she will be in terms of her prognosis.

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