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Hi, My best friend in Chicago was just diagnosed with breast cancer. I have been through your facility and I so wished she was here! My question is this, do you have to be a patient with you to buy a wig? I know how devastating losing your hair is! I want her to be able to get a good wig. Thank you!! Stacy

Stacy - Cedar Rapids


I have been diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma by the Gunderson Hospital in Lacrosse. I have MOHS surgery scheduled for April 25, but personally, I don't want to wait that long. Is it possible to transfer the test results, or whatever, and have surgery before that? I used to live in Cedar Rapids and my daughter lives in Center Point, so I frequently travel there so the distance is not an issue. Thanks. Pat

Patrick - Prairie du Chien, WI


My wife was just diagnost with Breast Cancer. We have met with an Oncologist and Surgen. She has both IDC and DCIS. Two sights(1.2CM and .9CM) on the right breast close together both sights ER+ PR+ Her2-. We were hoping that breast concerving surgiery plus radiation would be an option but not sure now. Getting an MRI at St. Lukes tomorrow and was wondering about a second opinion consultation perhaps next Wednesday or Thursday. Please advise.

Jeff - Cedar Rapids


Hi there -- I am a mother of two small children -- 5 and 3 and I am looking for a support group for myself and or children as we have lost our daddy/husband to cancer. Is there anything out there for us?

Nancy - Marion


I had a breast exam a few months ago my breast swelled up for a few days then went away but ever since the exam I have had a brownish discharge from the right I have always had the green discharge for a few years from both kind of concerned im 45 and I have that fiberoptic stuff not sure of the name

tracey - shellsburg